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Photo of Marcus filming The Crookes, photo by Willie Kerkhof

Each year the summerfestivities hit my hometown of Nijmegen like a nuclear bomb. Nearly one and a half million people descend upon our city near the river to party and enjoy music.

In 2010 I was asked by VPRO Broadcasting Company to film special acoustic sessions in the oldest stone building in the country for their music website

So in the span of 5 days I shot 15 acoustic sessions with these artists:

Photo by Willie Kerkhof

Photo of Marcus filming Hadewych, photo by Willie Kerkhof

I shot the sessions on two camera's, a Sony HVR-Z1E and a Sony HVR-Z5E, both in SD 25p mode. The sound was recorded into the HVR-Z1E from two Neumann KM-143 microphones. Lighting was primitive, but effective.

Editing was done during the nights and on two additional days afterwards. Not all sessions are online yet, but hang in there and we'll get them all up here!

Watch all sessions, scroll down and enjoy!

Hot summer! Videos, photos and music!

Time goes by so fast, when you´re busy! I can´t believe that it´s already been so long since the last update. There´s lots of news so let me just jump right in!

Black Devil Disco Club
During the summer I got in contact with French electro legend Black Devil Disco Club's, Bernard Fevre. His remix album Magnetic Circus was coming out and he was looking to have videos made for the tracks, after some deliberation we agreed that I would do the video for "Magnetic Devil", a fantastic melancholy psychedelic track that sounds a bit like one of my favorite bands Boards of Canada.

Because of a strange coincidence, my original idea for the video had to be scrapped. Another filmmaker was working on a video for another track off the same album and had come up with much the same elements in his video. It was late summer before I was ready to shoot the first footage for the video. I had a beautiful actress to work with and we were very lucky to shoot on one of the last sunny days of the summer.

I did a rough edit on the video, but I felt that there was something lacking. I was not yet satisfied with the mood of the footage, I decided that the video needs a bit of a rough edge, something to make it a bit more dark. The track has this very subtle mix of sweet melancholy and something that is darker and more intense, so I wanted to reflect that in the images. In early October we shot additional footage and currently I am working on a new edit. I feel that there is just one more element missing and I'm hoping I'll be able to incorporate this and finish the video soon. Here's a screencap from the October shoot:

Earlier this year I shot a promo for my friend Distel. We were both very happy with the result and decided that we would shoot a full length video for the track "hxxx" off his upcoming album. Because of the mood of the track we decided that we wanted to film the video in an abandoned building, preferably in a ruin. After some searching we found a hotel that had been abandoned since the 1970's. It stands in the middle of a forest, alone, no roads leading up to it. We spent a day filming there, risking our lives under collapsing ceilings, treacherously unstable floors and lots of debris, broken glass. I'm still working on the edit, after the video is cut, it will need quite a bit of work with regard to coloring and effects, but I'm very excited about this one. It is going to be one crazy video! Some photos of the location and a preliminary screenshot:

Heroes For Ghosts - Behind The Scenes
I finally got ' round to editing and uploading the behind the scenes video for The Gathering's Heroes For Ghosts. It brought back great memories of the fun times we had shooting in Norway! The Gathering have a new album out called "Disclosure". If you haven't heard it yet, pick it up fast, because it's great! Here's the announcement and the two videos:

Upcoming Videos
At the moment I'm talking to The Gathering about doing another video to promote the new album, so that is something that might happen before the end of the year, depending on scheduling and budget. I really hope we'll be able to make it happen, because the album deserves a push! Also I'm still talking to my friend Robert Rodèlle about doing a video and I'm pretty sure that before long this will happen. I love his music and I think my images would fit perfectly. With a bit of luck and persistence, we'll be able to start filming before the end of the year.

As you may or may not know, I´m also a musician and photographer, and this summer has been quite productive on all fronts. So I decided that it would be a good idea to create a comprehensive online portfolio behind a very simple url: Here are two photos I took this summer and a track off my album The Oxytocin Party (free torrent download):

The Gathering - Heroes For Ghosts (official)

Heroes For Ghosts Music Video Live Now!

Less than 24 hours to go!

The GatheringLess than 24 hours to go... Before the video goes live!

I'm done, I've finished, I've completed it, it's a wrap! The video for the new The Gathering track Heroes For Ghosts will be released tomorrownight Wednesday 15 June at 23:58 CET on The Gathering's Youtube Channel. I hope you will check it out and let us know what you think of the video!

Keep an eye on this website, because in a few days, I'll post a story about the "making of" of this video and tell you what crazy adventures we went through to get all the shots! I'll also talk about what equipment I used, why it is sometimes better to shoot from the hand than from a stabilizer and how it feels to risk your camera hanging over the bow of a speedboat at 40 knots! ;)

Update: Above post stated that the video will be released on the 16th of June. This should of course be the 15th of June!

The Gathering Music Video Nearly Finished!

The GatheringSince I got back from filming the music video for The Gathering's new track Heroes For Ghosts (free download!), I've been working almost non-stop on thinking about, structuring, designing and editing the video... And I've loved every second of it! Not only because I love what I do -make films-, but also because I LOVE the track! It's hypnotic, it's got drive, it's ecstatic and it's beautiful. And I think the video will do it justice.

Editing can be a very lonely job and you have to be careful not to become too myopic. There´s a risk you run that you won´t be able to look at the work objectively anymore, after a while. I was very lucky to be able to discuss my work with two kick-ass filmmakers, one in Hollywood, the other in Hong Kong. Their feedback and perspective were invaluable, so thank you Joe and thank you John for taking the time to watch an early version and giving me feedback!

At this point I'm about 90% - 95% percent done. There's some minor adjustments I'd like to make and then it's ready to go live from my end of things. So hopefully it won't be very much longer now! Stay tuned, folks!

Promo The Gathering Ghostride Tour 2011

The GatheringThe Gathering will be touring South America this summer with their South American Ghostride tour. To help them promote the tour, they asked me to shoot a promovideo for their tour.

Last year I also produced two promo's for the benefit concert they did in Chile for the victims of the earthquake. Them doing a benefit show like that is one of the reasons I like these guys so much!

The promo was shot handheld on the Canon 5D MkII with Canon primes during one of the band's rehearsal sessions. The "Weatherman" bit was shot on a tripod. There was some nasty rolling shutter as I pan at the end, but for this kind of quick production it's not that big a deal.

Since it was all quite impromptu I didn't have an external microphone with me, so I ended up using the on-camera mic. It performed better than I expected, actually, although the rehearsal itself was too loud for the mic. I got some nasty distortion as soon as the drums and guitars kicked in. We had fun shooting this thing and hopefully the tour will be a great succes! Look out for more info on the upcoming musicvideo!

Here are the tourdates for The Gathering South American Ghostride Tour:
Date Venue City Country
24 June Auditorio Derrama Majesterial Lima Peru
26 June Teatro 16 de Julio La Paz Bolivia
28 June Teatro Caupolican Santiago Chile
30 June Teatro Colegiales Buenos Aires Argentina
1 July Teatro CIEE Porto Alegre Brazil
3 July Hangar 110 Sao Paulo Brazil
5 July Teatro Libre Bogota Colombia
8 July Circo Volador Mexico City Mexico

Check out for more info on the band and the tour!

Musicvideo The Gathering

The GatheringFamous Dutch rockers The Gathering are releasing a new album this fall. This album is Norwegian native Silje Wergeland's second record as the band's new singer.

The Gathering have expressed a desire to get closer to their own artistic preferences, the heart and soul of their music and this can definitely be heard in the new track. An epic 10 minute journey from melancholy to ecstasy, the song is a testament to the band's creativity and musical prowess. I'm very excited to have been asked to shoot a musicvideo for this track.

I'll be flying out to Norway by the end of this week, where the video will be shot. We decided to film the video in Norway because of its' beautiful and dramatic landscape. The band's photogenic singer, Silje Wergeland, a Norwegian native, will feature in the video.

We are still looking for actors for the video. So if you are in Norway and would like to have a chance to star in The Gathering's next video, check out this page and let us know!

In collaboration with mainly Frank Boeijen en René Rutten (the band's keyboard player and guitarist respectively) I've written a script for the video and the band have given me license to experiment, so nothing is set in stone. It's an exciting and (just a bit) daunting prospect to have the freedom to shoot what looks good and fits with the music.

I'll be shooting the video on the 5D MkII, with a set of Canon primes, I'll have a DVtec shouldermount with me and a Glidecam HD 2000. I can't tell you any details yet, but I am a bit nervous about getting the shot from that speedboat... ;)

Hadewych - Gentle Art Of Incineration / A Forest For Eoh

Hadewych live at MOL 18-12-2010 Den Bosch NL

Music and lyrics copyright Hadewych




Gentle Art Of Incineration / A Forest For Eoh

Filming for MOL X-traLarge: Erasable Marks

MOL logoMy good friend Peter Johan Nijland is performing with his ultragrotesque project Hadewych at a special location, courtesy of MOL (Music On Location).

Also great experimentalist Zeno van den Broek is performing with his project Machinist. The third act will be Lucy BakesPurple Cakes & Subuk.

MOL is a project by Renk van Oyen, based on the concept of three acts of half an hour in the strangest locations.

Semi-acoustic performances @ Willemeen, Arnhem November 6, 2010

Gesel XL 2010After filming the Chapelsessions in the summer of 2010, I was asked once again by the local branch of VPRO Broadcasting Company to film a series of semi-acoustic sessions. These sessions were part of the Gesel XL 2010 Music Festival. I shot the sessions on two Panasonic DVX100B's and created an intro for them.

There were performances by:

  • The Jacobites
  • En Vélo
  • Marcel Verbeek
  • The James
  • Phoenix Park

I also filmed interviews with all of these bands.

Check 'em out here!

Intro The Jacobites GeselXL

The Jacobites live at GeselXL 2010

Marcel Verbeek live at GeselXL 2010


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