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Don't you just long for summer, when it's this cold? =)

It's been some time since I've updated the blog, that's because I've been very busy over the last months. In my regular life, I have a job and in October, that job changed. I now have to travel up to 4 hours every day back and forth from work. It's a fun job, but the traveltime kills me (and much of the things I plan to do).

I haven't yet found a good solution for mobile blogging to Drupal, so as long as that's not possible, the updates to the site will be sporadic, probably... However... That does not been that I haven't been filming. No sir. Let me tell you what's going on.

The Space Between
In my last post I talk about the auditions for our new short film The Space Between. Well, after a few more rounds of auditions we've finally managed to cast all the actors for the film. We needed three male and two female actors, preferably from various countries, to make it an international cast. Well, we succeeded in that! We have actors from Ireland, the United States, the Netherlands and Brazil.

Up first is a last overhaul of the script, writing the shooting script and then rehearsals can start. I hope we'll be able to start rehearsals in March and I would love to start photography in May at the latest. Not that there's really a rush, but I'm excited to get started on this. I'll keep you posted!

Distel Promo
My friend Distel asked me to shoot a promo for his upcoming Ultra performance. I loved his idea for the promo, so one Sunday afternoon we set up in my bathroom and started shooting. Strobe lights, a TV set to white noise and a part of the stagedesign used by my old band IndusTree were all packed into the tiny bathroom. Have a look at the result here:

Zeno & Rodèlle
Zeno van den Broek, a soundsculptor and visual artist, for whom I've previously filmed one of his performances, has asked me to help him with a new art project, where he will present his paintings. He's asked me to film the paintings and make it an almost tangible experience. I was excited at the concept, so I told him I'd do it. Unfortunately real life got in the way a bit and we haven't yet had time to discuss details, but I'm hoping that we will soon be able to make some plans.

In the last couple of months I have been talking to another artist and sometime collaborator of Zeno's, Robert Rodèlle. Robert and I have been discussing doing a musicvideo for one of his tracks for quite some time now, but unfortunately we haven't yet had the chance. I consulted on his latest musicvideo (see below) and since we've been talking about what we want to do for his next video.

There's an idea floating around to push the boundaries of decency as we might let ourselves be inspired by one of Marquis de Sade's lesser known works. I'm really excited about the prospect of working with Robert on this. Hopefully we'll be able to find time this summer. Have a look at Robert's latest musicvideo:

Last thoughts
I've been talking to my friend Marko Martens about entering a film into a national filmcompetition, mainly because I want to work with him on a project. We're not there yet, but I'll keep bugging him.

My friends from Hong Kong, Robot Entourage, are working on a Zombie film, for which they've asked me to do the soundtrack. I've asked my friend Distel to help out and one of the tracks is close to completion. I'm still waiting to see the footage (and frankly to find some time) to start on the rest of the soundtrack. I've seen stills and from what I can tell it'll look amazing. I'll see if I can show you a still sometime soon.

Last night I submitted two videos to the Vimeo Awards competition. Unfortunately I couldn't submit Heroes for Ghosts, because it was too long. I did enter these though: in the category "experimental" I entered my sci-fi short 9 and in the category "music video" I entered Distel - onde, the promo I shot which you can see above. So fingers crossed and wish me luck! =)

Well, that's it for now. I still plan to do a series of articles on the shooting of the Heroes for Ghosts musicvideo, so watch out for that. Now I'm off to enjoy my Sundayevening!

First castingsession today!

Castingsession today!
This afternoon we will be holding the first castingsession for The Space Between, our new short film in our fantastic location Absolute Zero. It's been (and still is) a bit hectic, to get everything ready for the actors to come in and show us what they got, since both Andrew and I have the toils of daily life to contend with as well. But we'll be ready!

We've been asking people to register themselves as candidates for the film through our "The Space Between Facebook Page" and we've been talking to people we meet at work, in clubs, on the streets! As it stands, we're looking forward to quite a turnout for our two planned castingsessions. I've met a few of the candidates and all of them were lovely, making me a bit sad that we only have 5 parts to fill for the film. Maybe talk to Andrew about writing in a few more characters! ;)

---Information for candidates---
As you might already know, we've planned two castingsessions on the 20th and 22nd of september. We would love to know if you're gonna come, but you can also surprise us by just dropping by. We're looking for 3 male and 2 female actors. All the dialogue in the film will be in English. We are looking for an international cast, so any nationality is welcome. You will however have to speak... English! :) During the castingsession the director and screenwriter will ask you a couple of questions to get a feel for who you are and you will be asked to play a short scene in front of a camera with another actor or actress. The film is being shot on professional equipment, however it's low to no-budget, so this is something you would do for the experience and the exposure. We plan to submit the film to many filmfestivals and competitions.

If you feel like this is the opportunity you've been waiting for please let us know by responding to one of the events on Facebook (link below)! If you have any questions, contact us through our Facebook Page. More information about the film and schedules will be available at the casting sessions.

Casting Session 20-09-2011
Casting Session 22-09-2011
The Space Between Facebook Page

The Gathering - Heroes For Ghosts (official)

Heroes For Ghosts Music Video Live Now!

Less than 24 hours to go!

The GatheringLess than 24 hours to go... Before the video goes live!

I'm done, I've finished, I've completed it, it's a wrap! The video for the new The Gathering track Heroes For Ghosts will be released tomorrownight Wednesday 15 June at 23:58 CET on The Gathering's Youtube Channel. I hope you will check it out and let us know what you think of the video!

Keep an eye on this website, because in a few days, I'll post a story about the "making of" of this video and tell you what crazy adventures we went through to get all the shots! I'll also talk about what equipment I used, why it is sometimes better to shoot from the hand than from a stabilizer and how it feels to risk your camera hanging over the bow of a speedboat at 40 knots! ;)

Update: Above post stated that the video will be released on the 16th of June. This should of course be the 15th of June!

The Gathering Music Video Nearly Finished!

The GatheringSince I got back from filming the music video for The Gathering's new track Heroes For Ghosts (free download!), I've been working almost non-stop on thinking about, structuring, designing and editing the video... And I've loved every second of it! Not only because I love what I do -make films-, but also because I LOVE the track! It's hypnotic, it's got drive, it's ecstatic and it's beautiful. And I think the video will do it justice.

Editing can be a very lonely job and you have to be careful not to become too myopic. There´s a risk you run that you won´t be able to look at the work objectively anymore, after a while. I was very lucky to be able to discuss my work with two kick-ass filmmakers, one in Hollywood, the other in Hong Kong. Their feedback and perspective were invaluable, so thank you Joe and thank you John for taking the time to watch an early version and giving me feedback!

At this point I'm about 90% - 95% percent done. There's some minor adjustments I'd like to make and then it's ready to go live from my end of things. So hopefully it won't be very much longer now! Stay tuned, folks!

New website nearing completion

Drupal logoAfter some misadventures trying to build a Wordpress site, I decided to give Drupal a try for my new website. I needed to upgrade the old static HTML site I'd built. It was quick, it was dirty and it was obsolete. A dinosaur. I needed something spiffy, SEO-savvy (meh, sorta ;) and easily manageable.

My good friend guaka introduced me to the wonderous world of Drupal and even encouraged me to dive into the beta release of Drupal 7. He has been building websites that range from sites about dumpster diving across the globe and creating The Hitchhiking Guide to a site for his family's Teak Furniture business. The learning curve was as steep as a Himalayan mountain and the concepts were hard to grasp at times, but I made it through somehow (and I couldn't have done it without guaka's help. A big thank you!).

I've been able to build a site that more than ever suits my needs, has a place for all the content I've been creating over the past years and will allow me to update frequently and painfree. And best of all... It's modular, so there's somewhere to go if the need arises.

Please check out my new site, for which I will be adding more content in the months to come. Also I hope to find time soon to tell you more about my music, my other great passion. When Drupal 7 will see its' official release I'll probably add more functionality. I see this webspace as a living, evolving entity that will grow with me, as I hopefully will grow as a filmmaker.

A Way (48 Hour Film Project)

Showreel online!

The showreel is finally online! Having major computerproblems and lack of energy & time, I'm amazed I finished it. The excellent music was produced by Peter Johan Nijland, many thanks! Check it out here.

"A Way" wins 48 Hour Film Project 2010 Nijmegen

Poster for

I've co-directed and shot a film for the 48 Hour Film Project 2010 in the city of Nijmegen. Our film took first prize and then some! It will also be submitted for the finals in Miami, USA in March of 2011.

The movie tells the story of a dramatic last journey of three siblings contained within a flashback.

It was shot on a Sony EX-1 with a Letus 35mm adapter, using an array of Nikon Prime lenses. The whole production took place within 48 hours. We wrote the script, held rehearsals, shot the scenes, created the music and edited it all together, all while dealing with a few (technical) setbacks. Yet we made it in time.

Sylvana: Marleen Schamp
Kim: Marissa Schijf
Photo of cast and crew Luuk: Roel Smeets
Customer: Ariana Skverer

Director: Christian van Duuren & Marcus Moonen
Scenario: De Kijkbuiskinderen
Editor: Merel van Nus
Producer: Xanne Jacobs & Inge van den Broek
Camera: Christian van Duuren & Marcus Moonen
Sound: Bas Olbertz
Music: Peter Johan Nijland & Roel Smeets
Runner: Yon van Lith

We received awards for:

  • Best music
  • Best use of Nijmegen
  • Best cinematography
  • Best directing
  • Best actress
  • Best movie

The movie was also nominated for best sound design and best editing.

Watch it here in HD

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